Condoto, a hidden paradise in the chocoan jungle...

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I am María del Mar Palomino, I am 19 and I love to travel. Regarding my pleasures when I go on a trip I prefer simple things. I value the trips that allow me to know the true culture, the way of thinking and the daily activities of the people, that is, I enjoy a thousand times more of the places that do not appear in advertising, where real life develops. For these reasons, I will share with you about an unusual destination in Colombia ... Condoto
My trip to Condoto was one of the best experiences of my life. My maternal family is from Chocó and I chose this destination precisely because it represented the opportunity to connect with my roots, meet the new members of my family and meet very special people that I did not see for a long time. What i loved most was the way of being of the people of the town, since they have an attitude to face the life that we should all have, because in spite of the difficulties they are always happy and hope to move on. Condoto is a place with little social development, for this reason people are ve
ry humble, they live in modest houses usually made of wood and by the side of the river San Juan. The streets mostly have no pavement, there are few cars and motorcycles and thanks to it the children play all day in the streets. It is a quite hot town in the mornings, but in afternoon the weather changes drastically and it usually rains. The landscape is very beautiful and unusual, as there is a lot of vegetation and gives the impression that the place was in the deepest jungle
I had the opportunity to go in December and there is a great contrast between the Christmas celebration and the end of the year in the big cities and Condoto. The 24 night gifts are scarce, the trees are small and usually have lights that can barely be perceived, and what impacted me most is that people do not dress in an elegant or ostentatious way. We all meet in the house of a relative and we share a very humble dinner, we talk until dawn, we dance and we laugh in heaps. Despite the differences, it has been one of the best Christmases I have lived since I could understand that the most important thing is to value the opportunities we have to share with the people we love. The night of 31 I was part of the happiest party in the world. In the town it is known as the "Verbena de fin de año". It is a great celebration in which all the neighbors and friends take to the streets to receive the New

Year together. The neighbors agree to prepare food for everyone, such as bacalao or  arroz atollao', they also prepare drinks with typical alcohol  of the place. At the party everyone is united, and even if you are from another place you feel like family. Salsa, chirimías and currulaos are danced all night long. We were so many people that it seemed like a river of people. The best thing is that the party does not end until the next day in the afternoon, when everyone as a family goes to the San Juan river until nightfall.

From this experience, I learned that sometimes simple things are what really fill your soul. Traveling is one of the best activities that can be done, since after each trip one is not the same. Even at home, we will continue to keep something with us from the place where we were, and surely we will have left something of us in that place. When we know the way of being, living and thinking of others we can expand our vision of the world, and we even value those things that are losing importance because we get used to enjoying them every day.